BA (Hons) Fine Art: FA303 Documentation

Video Works

Abstract and Landscape Videos

Stillness and silence are themes that can be found throughout my work. I have made videos of stillness in the landscape and in a domestic setting, something I took an interest in in Second Year, but I have now also begun making abstract films in nature. I was interested in the formal aspects of colour and form that still managed to evoke a quiet calm, without use of the direct subjects I had previously focused on. Many of them still have a sense of being in nature, of sunlight through leaves and wind moving the branches of a tree, but they are not so explicit. I completely unfocussed the camera in some videos, and in others I let the focus drift and change. I feel they have a painterly quality, almost what Turner might shoot if he had access to a camera. Ideally I would project them onto all four walls of a room, filling each wall so the viewer would become totally immersed in the stillness and calm they create.

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Abstract and Impressionistic Photographs

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Collaboration with Lily-Peach Forster

Lily and I have decided to collaborate on an installation for our degree show. She has been making papier-mache seed pods which I have helped her cast around her own body. I will add elements of sound to the installation, potentially from inside the seedpods. I have also experimented with projecting my video pieces onto her seed pods.